[Gmail] Promotions Grid View…Open Up

[Gmail] Promotions Grid View

Last week Gmail made a change to the Promotions Tab.
In a nutshell; for a trial period for those members who have the Promotions Tab enabled, they will now have the option to view the images nested within the emails in a more visual way. Potentially this could be huge for marketers and from a Deliverability perspective this could also be used to build a better reputation amongst your community. Image below from Google:

gmail field trial

Whats everyone saying ?

Clickz created a good article which explains in detail the changes made and what you could expect, see here. This was original based on the article over at and gives you some insight into why gmail might be doing this.


Wiping the cobwebs away

I hope you’ve all had a good start to the year, it’s that time again.
Following on from the boom of the holidays, now the sales are upon us…but what’s that, a lul, a silence..

I still hear the whispers about gmail changes, out with the old and in with the new,
Spamhaus planting a gentle kiss in regards to how they deal with ESPs; what does this mean? will anything change? do marketers care, will ESPs enforce anything? isn’t it all just a vicious cycle, i mean, my emails are delivering what do i care.

In deliverability there’s always hope, and that burst of optimism at the start of the year.
Key point here is, keep your house clean, don’t worry about neighbours or external issues and concentrate on what’s on your plate.

What’s your biggest worry from a Deliverability perspective? I’d be interested to know.
This year i’ve promised myself to be more active on the blog, it’s time to get those cogs moving in time for the increase in volume.

Looking forward to the year ahead, I wish you all the best of luck.

Anthony Mitchell


Brazil to create secure email service; impact?

I recently retweeted about plans to create a secure email service in Brazil,

what implications could this have to those sending to this ISP? i asked myself. The article from the BBC is a good source to start from, but then what about those insecure external sources sending communications to this new email service?

There are some strong stories of late in the media in regards to security threats, snooping and of others obtaining secure information, one of those being the NSA.

So what can we expect?


IOS 7 upgrade, lots of unread emails, gmail reputation boost for some clients..

Upgraded my iphone with the IOS 7 today, couldn’t help but notice i had 87 unread emails, since when?
Well, this is because since the upgrade its taking into account all of the emails you have received in your accounts since day dot, and not just the passed few weeks.

IOS 7 unread

For those that don’t know you can select all and mark them as read, here is a quick how to from pcadvisor. Just make sure you check the fact that they are old emails and you are not in fact MR/MRs popular, i’d hate for you to get me on that one.

Who knows? maybe for those clients who are sending to the spam/promotions folder, they might get a few more opens after all…
hmmm, how can we do this with clicks also. Don’t even think about it, were talking gmail.

Select all, mark as read.


Anthony Mitchell


First post, First impressions, Pas’d pression.

Hello & Welcome everyone 🙂

So you managed to find my blog then!

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone up to date in the world of deliverability, that is the science behind email marketing. I envisage that this blog will educate those that are new to the field but also give some food for thought for the more experienced email junkies.

This is the place to be, if you want to find the Inbox!

The plan is that i will be adding posts severely times a week, please feel free to comment and discuss the topics on the blog,

Speak to you soon hopefully,

King regards,

Anthony Mitchell