Mailkit improves BIMI Inspector

One of my favorite tools for checking and previewing BIMI records is the Mailkit BIMI Inspector. You can check your domain or upload a logo and will receive feedback about your implementation, policy and DMARC/BIMI status. Pretty useful.

This week, it became even better: If the logo doesn’t meet the requirements, details have been added WHY this is the case. The image format of choice is SVG (scalable vector graphics) and it doesn’t work like paint on your Win95 machine. In fact it’s a bit more complex, you have to describe the logo in an XML format using basic shapes like circles, rectangles and the like. No worries, there’s converters out there, but besides this, most marketers aren’t necessarily als SVG-coding-experts.

Given this complexity, it’s very useful to check, which part is failing compliance with the requirements. Let’s do a test:

Aj, thought we’re friends?

OK, that’s fair enough. The first two items are new and I will take care of that. For the policy it’s true, but the hoster of my choice (manitu Webhosting) doesn’t support DKIM yet, that’s why I haven’t enforced the policy for DMARC as of yet (don’t blame them, they are very friendly, supportive and are working on it).

Side mark: For us this doesn’t matter too much, because even if everything was setup correctly, our logo wasn’t be displayed 🙁 For Verizon, our volume is too small to be recognized as a brand, and for Google we’re not part of the closed Alpha..

But we won’t give up, and: take my word, one day our BIMI logo will be visible. But that’s probably just a dream.

Who knows…

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