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„Inbox by Gmail“ – Wegweiser für das E-Mail-Marketing der Zukunft?

Post has moved to a new location (German Version of inboxplacement): https://blog.inboxplacement.de/2017/09/inbox-by-gmail-wegweiser-fur-das-e-mail.html

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10 quick wins for responsive email design tailored for your audience

1) Use the information provided via the user at sign up, such as which device they usually open emails with or via your ESP reporting 2) Use the media query (@media) to adapt styling for smart phone environments 3) Determine

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IOS 7 upgrade, lots of unread emails, gmail reputation boost for some clients..

Upgraded my iphone with the IOS 7 today, couldn’t help but notice i had 87 unread emails, since when? Well, this is because since the upgrade its taking into account all of the emails you have received in your accounts

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Time to get responsive

A high Inbox placement rate is key in order to maximize your ROI. Once you’ve ticked that box,  it is now time to also get serious about being responsive. Almost 50% of email is opened in a mobile environment, and

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