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Spamtraps and GDPR

In less than six month’s time, GDPR will come fully into effect. This should be nothing new to you and if you never heard of GDPR, you should run down to your Legal Department and ask for information. Speaking of

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NO-GOs und worst-practices bei Reaktivierungskampagnen – the art of destroying your reputation

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Spamtraps – Gehen Sie nicht in die Falle

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There have been many articles and myths circulated about Spamtraps and honeypots. Are they following URLs in E-mails or can you identify them by suppressing the inactive ones? What exactly is their purpose? What can you do if you have

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[Beginners guide to Deliverability] Lesson 5, Spam traps & Honey traps

[Beginners guide to Deliverability] Lesson 5, Spam traps & Honey traps Lesson 5, Spam traps & Honey traps The key point here is your list hygiene or that of your clients. You can’t just drive your results with a good

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