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Caching vs. Tracking: Wie Öffnungsraten im E-Mail Marketing gemessen werden und was sie bedeuten

Post has moved to the following location (German Blog): https://blog.inboxplacement.de/2017/10/caching-vs-tracking-wie-offnungsraten.html

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„Inbox by Gmail“ – Wegweiser für das E-Mail-Marketing der Zukunft?

Post has moved to a new location (German Version of inboxplacement): https://blog.inboxplacement.de/2017/09/inbox-by-gmail-wegweiser-fur-das-e-mail.html

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Is “Inbox by Gmail” a game-changer for email marketing?

3 years ago, Gmail launched a new feature that sorts messages automatically into different categories, based on type of content. The most interesting feature for marketers was the introduction of a “promotional tab”, which raised concerns about the decreasing open

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Shared vs. Dedicated IPs beim E-Mail-Versand – Pro- und Kontra auf Sender- und Empfängerseite

Post has been moved to the German inboxplacement: https://blog.inboxplacement.de/2017/06/shared-vs-dedicated-ips-beim-e-mail.html

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Episode 011: “The future of mail”

Anthony and Florian are speaking about past, current and future evolutions. How will the future of mail look like. Where are potential threats and benefits for achieving good inbox placement?

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[Gmail] Promotions Grid View…Open Up

[Gmail] Promotions Grid View Last week Gmail made a change to the Promotions Tab. In a nutshell; for a trial period for those members who have the Promotions Tab enabled, they will now have the option to view the images

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