Brazil to create secure email service; impact?

I recently retweeted about plans to create a secure email service in Brazil,

what implications could this have to those sending to this ISP? i asked myself. The article from the BBC is a good source to start from, but then what about those insecure external sources sending communications to this new email service?

There are some strong stories of late in the media in regards to security threats, snooping and of others obtaining secure information, one of those being the NSA.

So what can we expect?

well as with most things in deliverability terms, there will probably be a lot of hearsay about this,
however i think there is always the burning question of security; personally i think this can only be a good thing for the field.






There is forever the double edged sword argument, such as a sophisticated defense can lead to more sophisticated attacks.
So as plans start to roll out at least make sure you have your basics covered, if your going to send to this new secure isp service ensure you’re
properly signing your emails with the necessary authentication:

i wouldn’t stop there, ensure your hosting package is with a Brazilian hosting provider! your sender from is also configured there! Better safe than sorry, of course this is all over reacting or is it? the trenches are being dug, maybe this is the kick start that is needed.
Still, it gets us talking and the deliverability cogs turning, so what do you think? i’d be interested to know.

Keep an eye out soon for some .br ISP analysis, what else are we working with?
Time will tell.

By Anthony Mitchell

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