Gmail auto unsubscribe and pilot FBL

Starting from last week, gmail has implemented an auto list unsubscribe in the header of the email.
See illustration below:

gmail auto unsub





After clicking the link, the user will then need to click to confirm you want to unsubscribe from the mailing list:




If for example, the client doesnt support this setup with gmail or the email is spam, then gmail redirects the member to navigate the clients unsubscribe or gmail policies to see the best way to be removed from the mailing list.






This might cause some uproar, but this is no showstopper in my mind. If a member doesnt want your email anyway, then better they unsubscribe directly than to complain. Look after your list and gmail will look after your reputation.

Also in the week at the MAAWG it was announced that gmail shall be piloting a new feedback loop.
This is big news in the community, as up until now it appears that gmail was very much doing things on their own, so this opens the door to ESPs that want their clients to keep a good list hygiene and to ensure this is reflected at gmail.

If you are an ESP looking to implement this, you’ll need to fill out this form.
Currently it is not open for individuals, and there is strict guidelines you need to adhere to before being considered. Each successful candidate must respect gmails ‘Bulk Sender Guidelines’

The two bits of news come as no suprise, as gmail is forever developing their infrastructure. It was only last year in December 2013 that they changed how they cached client images,
this was interesting to see some solutions being found. However it left us scratching our heads, is it healthy to adapt your rules and polices based on a forever changing ISP, regardless if it is gmail?
We can always fall back on our best practices, stay flexible and adapt only when necessary.

In the meantime, expect a few more unsuscribes, time will tell if this helps our gmail reputation.

By Anthony Mitchell

Anthony Mitchell is a Deliverability Consultant with ten years of experience in all areas of E-Mail Deliverability & Abuse Management.
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