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List bombing: What does it mean and how to avoid it?

Recently, there’s some talk about list bombing. What does this actually mean? While ISPs concentrate on attacks from a single IP (or IP range) or sending domain, listbombing uses various subscription forms for sending just a few mails from each. Problem

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Deliverability.TV – Episode 020: “Data Validation (part I)

In preparation to the 41th General Meeting of the M3AAWG in Toronto, Anthony and Florian are talking about Data Validation tools. How can those tools help to acquire and maintain a clean list of interested and engaged email recipients? Is

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Spamtraps – Gehen Sie nicht in die Falle

Post has been moved to German Blog:  https://blog.inboxplacement.de/2017/08/spamtraps-gehen-sie-nicht-in-die-falle.html

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12 Fragen und Antworten zur Zustellbarkeit

Post has been moved to the German version of inboxplacement:  https://blog.inboxplacement.de/2017/07/12-fragen-und-antworten-zur.html

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[Beginners guide to Deliverability] Lesson 6, Single Opt in, Confirmed Opt in & Double Opt In

Lesson 6, Single Opt in, Confirmed Opt in & Double Opt In The biggest factor that affects your Deliverability from the offset is your data collection process, which in turn directly affects your data quality. Here we are not just

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