Time to get responsive

A high Inbox placement rate is key in order to maximize your ROI.

Once you’ve ticked that box,  it is now time to also get serious about being responsive.
Almost 50% of email is opened in a mobile environment, and the numbers are growing.

responsive design

What’s your strategy?

I read a great article over at litmus, they have some great tips on how to optimize your email for mobile environments.
So what do you do now? you’ve got into the Inbox, you’ve optimized your html creative.

  • Ensure that you test your from label, subject line and pre header text, now is time to mop up on those opens and clicks.

Please keep an eye out for my top 10 quick wins for a responsive email design, hope to post that in the week.
Feel free also to feedback or discuss the best ways you tailor your email campaigns for mobile,

Anthony M

By Anthony Mitchell

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