First post, First impressions, Pas’d pression.

Hello & Welcome everyone 🙂

So you managed to find my blog then!

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone up to date in the world of deliverability, that is the science behind email marketing. I envisage that this blog will educate those that are new to the field but also give some food for thought for the more experienced email junkies.

This is the place to be, if you want to find the Inbox!

The plan is that i will be adding posts severely times a week, please feel free to comment and discuss the topics on the blog,

Speak to you soon hopefully,

King regards,

Anthony Mitchell

By Anthony Mitchell

Anthony Mitchell is a Deliverability Consultant with ten years of experience in all areas of E-Mail Deliverability & Abuse Management.
A Blogger & Youtuber, discussing all things email

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