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Lesson 1, the history of email

Lesson 1, the history of email

Electronic mail, commonly referred to as email or e-mail since 1993, is the method of exchanging messages from a sender to the receiver on a network, generally the internet.

The first email was sent in 1971 by a man called Raymond Tomlinson over the ARPANET. He implemented the first email system that sent an electronic message from one computer to another, in doing so he also coined the ‘@’ symbol to seperate the user name from the senders domain, which has been used ever since.

The ARPANET is famous for securely transferring protected military files between networks. As the ARPANET expanded from 4 research labs to several others, different models of computers were connected, thus creating compatability issues.
The solution was a set of protocols now referred to as TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) this was designed in 1982.







Raymond Tomlinson was also deeply involved in services needed to send emails over networks, these services included;
Mail Transport Agent (MTA) to move emails between machines, setting a standard format for email messages and designing a tool for creating and reading messages.


10 quick wins for responsive email design tailored for your audience

1) Use the information provided via the user at sign up, such as which device they usually open emails with or via your ESP reporting
2) Use the media query (@media) to adapt styling for smart phone environments
3) Determine the width and height of the smartphones you are targetting
4) Experiment with subject line length and pre header text for mobile environments
5) Ensure to check renderability in each environment prior to sending campaigns to ensure compatability
6) Aswell as checking if the email is renderable ensure the syntax of your code is correct here
7) Check your inbox placement rates with your new creatives before sending your campaign
8) After adapting your creative check that your opens and click through rates are consistant for each ISP/platform post campaign
9) Ensure to include an Add to safe sender email address in your creative
10) Add yourself to the seed list to ensure you receive the live campaign in each of the Mobile environments



IOS 7 upgrade, lots of unread emails, gmail reputation boost for some clients..

Upgraded my iphone with the IOS 7 today, couldn’t help but notice i had 87 unread emails, since when?
Well, this is because since the upgrade its taking into account all of the emails you have received in your accounts since day dot, and not just the passed few weeks.

IOS 7 unread

For those that don’t know you can select all and mark them as read, here is a quick how to from pcadvisor. Just make sure you check the fact that they are old emails and you are not in fact MR/MRs popular, i’d hate for you to get me on that one.

Who knows? maybe for those clients who are sending to the spam/promotions folder, they might get a few more opens after all…
hmmm, how can we do this with clicks also. Don’t even think about it, were talking gmail.

Select all, mark as read.


Anthony Mitchell


Time to get responsive

A high Inbox placement rate is key in order to maximize your ROI.

Once you’ve ticked that box,  it is now time to also get serious about being responsive.
Almost 50% of email is opened in a mobile environment, and the numbers are growing.

responsive design

What’s your strategy?

I read a great article over at litmus, they have some great tips on how to optimize your email for mobile environments.
So what do you do now? you’ve got into the Inbox, you’ve optimized your html creative.

  • Ensure that you test your from label, subject line and pre header text, now is time to mop up on those opens and clicks.

Please keep an eye out for my top 10 quick wins for a responsive email design, hope to post that in the week.
Feel free also to feedback or discuss the best ways you tailor your email campaigns for mobile,

Anthony M


Gmail tabs: Tips to find the Inbox, how to get to the Primary folder

You may know already that gmail have rolled out their new tabs interface the end of May.

Post roll out we have all heard a lot of commotion with the reports of return path and litmus about what it will do for consumers as well as for those sending bulk email.

Much ado about nothing?

Although gmail has their own intentions of including the tabs for such ‘promotions’, it’s important we work with what we’ve got, and to adapt if we need to, do we need to?


First post, First impressions, Pas’d pression.

Hello & Welcome everyone 🙂

So you managed to find my blog then!

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone up to date in the world of deliverability, that is the science behind email marketing. I envisage that this blog will educate those that are new to the field but also give some food for thought for the more experienced email junkies.

This is the place to be, if you want to find the Inbox!

The plan is that i will be adding posts severely times a week, please feel free to comment and discuss the topics on the blog,

Speak to you soon hopefully,

King regards,

Anthony Mitchell