Deliverability.TV – Episode 021: “Abuse handling”

Anthony meets with Tobias Knecht (Abusix) in Toronto after another successful M3AAWG, discussing his journey, Abuse handling, spamtraps & other interesting topics! Check it out!

Find more about Tobias & his work here:

Full episode can be watched here:

Starring: Anthony Mitchell
Guest: Tobias Knecht
Edits: Anthony Mitchell

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Caching vs. Tracking: Wie Öffnungsraten im E-Mail Marketing gemessen werden und was sie bedeuten

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Deliverability.TV – Episode 020: “Data Validation (part I)

In preparation to the 41th General Meeting of the M3AAWG in Toronto, Anthony and Florian are talking about Data Validation tools. How can those tools help to acquire and maintain a clean list of interested and engaged email recipients? Is that possible at all? What piece can tools add to the usage of Email best-practices?

This video is part 1 for this topic – we will have an interview with an expert out of the industry, but due to lack of time before M3AAWG, we will add this piece in a follow-up episode.

Enjoy out take on this topic first.

Starring: Anthony Mitchell, Florian Vierke
Edits: Florian Vierke

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„Inbox by Gmail“ – Wegweiser für das E-Mail-Marketing der Zukunft?

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Episode 019: “The secret link between SEO and Deliverability”

Florian has been on the dmexco 2017 interviewing Uwe Tippmann from <a href=””>Acoonia</a>. Uwe is SEO Expert and explains, what SEO is and why there’s some similarity between Deliverability and SEO.

<em>Starring: Florian Vierke</em>
<em>Guest: Uwe Tippmann</em>
<em>Edits: Florian Vierke</em>

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Why it is so hard, to find a safe password

Passwords should be safe – we all know that. But how can we achieve it? My opinion is: Today, there is no way to find a satisfying solution. I will explain why and try to find solutions from user perspective.

How people handle passwords

Which passwords do you use in the internet? Would you consider them to be safe? While talking with people, I get the impression there is mainly three categories, how people deal with that problem:

easy passwords - not a good idea

  1. People, who do not care at all. main goal is to remind the passwords. Often used are passwords like “qwerty”, “123456”, “password” or the name of the pet (or wife/husband). The password is the same on each login page on the internet.
  2. People, who make a science out of it. They use different passwords for each login and choose passwords with maximum security (mixture of letters, capitals, numbers, special characters). Those can only be stored in Password safes, because nobody can remember them anymore. (A password safe is an encrypted piece of software keeping lots of passwords with information of username, URL, etc. Usually you just need to remember one single password to unlock it.)
  3. People using mainly one password, which is hard to guess (like sentences with some replaced characters (e.g. “n0b0Dyc4Nr3aDTh!s”).

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