Episode 010: “User Engagement”

Anthony and Florian are finally meeting in person and speak about the importance and influence of user engagement on email Deliverability. Which influence does a user have by clicking, opening, deleting or hitting the spam button? What do you need to consider for running reactivation campaigns. And: is it a good idea to win-back users by providing a voucher? This and some sports will be presented in our latest episode of Deliverability.TV:

Blog post to the episode: http://inboxplacement.com/beginners-guide-to-deliverability-lesson-9-user-engagement/

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Episode 009: “Black- and Whitelists”

Anthony and Florian are explaining Black- and Whitelist in context of e-mail. What are the reasons for being listed, how to get out of the list again? What are Whitelisting and Certification Programs and who does actually benefit of those lists. This and more will be explained in this episode.

Blog post for this ep. is here:

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There have been many articles and myths circulated about Spamtraps and honeypots. Are they following URLs in E-mails or can you identify them by suppressing the inactive ones? What exactly is their purpose? What can you do if you have identified spamtraps in your list and how can you get rid of them?

There are various types of Spamtraps testing different kinds of (bad) behaviour and therefore acting differently. Main types are pristine (only created for the purpose of being a spamtrap) and recycled (those have been an existing address before).

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How to recognize Spam & Phishing?

You’ve got mail – that’s good. But who was sending you? And is the person, you receive mail from is really the person he pretends to be? And if he was, has the content been changed during transmission? There’s so many Phishing warnings out there and we are not secure anymore, right?

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Security & Encryption for Mass Messaging

Since the Heartbleed and Snowden case there has been a lot of discussion regarding data encryption and security – specifically in regards to email. Many questions such as ‘what options are there to protect data?’, ‘how safe are these options’ and ‘what factors should I watch out for?’ are continuously brought up. We help to clear up these topics below.

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DeliverabilityTV Episode 001: “Introduction” is live

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