Episode 019: “The secret link between SEO and Deliverability”

Florian has been on the dmexco 2017 interviewing Uwe Tippmann from <a href=”https://www.acoonia.com”>Acoonia</a>. Uwe is SEO Expert and explains, what SEO is and why there’s some similarity between Deliverability and SEO.

<em>Starring: Florian Vierke</em>
<em>Guest: Uwe Tippmann</em>
<em>Edits: Florian Vierke</em>

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Why it is so hard, to find a safe password

Passwords should be safe – we all know that. But how can we achieve it? My opinion is: Today, there is no way to find a satisfying solution. I will explain why and try to find solutions from user perspective.

How people handle passwords

Which passwords do you use in the internet? Would you consider them to be safe? While talking with people, I get the impression there is mainly three categories, how people deal with that problem:

easy passwords - not a good idea

  1. People, who do not care at all. main goal is to remind the passwords. Often used are passwords like “qwerty”, “123456”, “password” or the name of the pet (or wife/husband). The password is the same on each login page on the internet.
  2. People, who make a science out of it. They use different passwords for each login and choose passwords with maximum security (mixture of letters, capitals, numbers, special characters). Those can only be stored in Password safes, because nobody can remember them anymore. (A password safe is an encrypted piece of software keeping lots of passwords with information of username, URL, etc. Usually you just need to remember one single password to unlock it.)
  3. People using mainly one password, which is hard to guess (like sentences with some replaced characters (e.g. “n0b0Dyc4Nr3aDTh!s”).

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Episode 018: “Five quick wins for inbox placement”

Facing Spam Delivery and want to know how to tackle it? Anthony and Florian are helping our with 5 quick wins, that everybody can perform immediately to troubleshoot inbox placement issues.

Starring: Anthony Mitchell, Florian Vierke
Edits: Florian Vierke

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NO-GOs und worst-practices bei Reaktivierungskampagnen – the art of destroying your reputation

Reaktivierungskampagnen sind ein beliebtes Mittel, um “verlorene” Adressdatensätze, die im Zweifel viel Geld gekostet haben, zu “retten“. Klingt nach einer guten Idee, oder nicht? Neben den positiven Aspekten gibt es jedoch auch Risiken. Welche das sind und wie man diese verhindert, darum geht es in diesem Artikel. 

1 + 1 = 2 ?

Für viele Marketer ist es nach wie vor ein einfaches Rechenexempel: Je mehr E-Mails verschickt werden, desto mehr Leute werden erreicht und desto höher ist dann schlussendlich auch der Umsatz. Nun, ganz so einfach ist es jedoch leider nicht.

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Episode 017: “Deliverability Tool Landscape”

Ensuring inbox placement is the key task for Deliverability and one of the major requirements for email Marketer. Unfortunately, measuring this is not possible directly. There’s a lot of parties involved and a lot of data to orchestrate.

What are the exact challenges now, that Deliverability is facing? What is the data, that they must visualize and monitor? And which tools are available for reach that goal?

Florian and Anthony have the founder of one of there tools – Sebastiaan de Vos – as expert this week. They are discussing this topic while presenting some MailMike features.

Starring: Anthony Mitchell, Florian Vierke
Guest: Sebastiaan de Vos (Founder of MailMike)
Edits: Florian Vierke

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Is “Inbox by Gmail” a game-changer for email marketing?

3 years ago, Gmail launched a new feature that sorts messages automatically into different categories, based on type of content. The most interesting feature for marketers was the introduction of a “promotional tab”, which raised concerns about the decreasing open rate of emails that don’t show up in the main tab anymore.

At the end of 2014, Gmail introduced an additional mailing tool: “Inbox by Gmail”, which again structured the mailbox in a completely new way. How are these changes affecting email marketing and what should marketers take into account? Let’s take some time to look at both versions and how they can actually affect email marketing.

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