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Lesson 3, Security threats and Cyber attacks

Lesson 3, Security threats and Cyber attacks

Most of the time when talking about email, email marketing, deliverability or i’m explaining my work to my family, the first thing that is mentioned is the word ‘Spam’.

Why is this and how does the phrase come about?

You’d think that Spam is a fake meat per se, this would be a great term to coin for those annoying acquisition based emails you receive, well it’s not directly because of this. The actual term dates back to 1970, whereby there is a famous sketch by Monty Python’s Flying Circus. In this sketch, based in a restaurant; some customers float in, and then you have vikings singing in the corner, the waitress comes over and then it all descends into mayhem, everything on the menu is with spam, and everyone in the room is singing ‘Spam’ drowning out the the other conversations.

You can watch the scene here.