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How to recognize Spam & Phishing?

You’ve got mail – that’s good. But who was sending you? And is the person, you receive mail from is really the person he pretends to be? And if he was, has the content been changed during transmission? There’s so

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Security & Encryption for Mass Messaging

Since the Heartbleed and Snowden case there has been a lot of discussion regarding data encryption and security – specifically in regards to email. Many questions such as ‘what options are there to protect data?’, ‘how safe are these options’

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[Beginners guide to Deliverability] Lesson 1, the history of email

Lesson 1, the history of email Electronic mail, commonly referred to as email or e-mail since 1993, is the method of exchanging messages from a sender to the receiver on a network, generally the internet. The first email was sent

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