Author: Florian Vierke
Florian Vierke is Senior Deliverability Specialist with over seven years of experience in all areas of E-Mail Deliverability & Abuse Management. Florian is a member of MAAWG, certified senders alliance and competence group email and maintains a regular presence at conventions and fairs like Internet Security days, email expo or dmexco.

Caching vs. Tracking: Meaning and measurement of open rates in e-mail marketing

For most marketers, open rate is one of the most important metrics. But why is this the case? And how is open rate mesured? Are high deviations between the different ISPs (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail) a reason to worry? In December 2013,

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12 Fragen und Antworten zur Zustellbarkeit

Die Zustellbarkeit (engl.: Deliverability) von E-Mail-Kampagnen ist einer der wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktoren im E-Mail-Marketing. Schließlich kann eine Nachricht nur dann Beachtung finden, wenn sie die Inbox des Empfängers erreicht. In einem Webinar habe ich vor Kurzem erklärt, welche Faktoren Einfluß auf

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Shared vs. Dedicated IPs beim E-Mail-Versand – Pro- und Kontra auf Sender- und Empfängerseite

Beim Einrichten eines IP-Setups für den Versand von Mailings über ein E-Mail-Marketing System stellt sich die Frage nach der Verwendung eines gemeinsamen IP-Pools für mehrere Versender (shared IPs) oder der dedizierten Nutzung eigener IPs für nur einen Versender. Beides hat

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There have been many articles and myths circulated about Spamtraps and honeypots. Are they following URLs in E-mails or can you identify them by suppressing the inactive ones? What exactly is their purpose? What can you do if you have

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How to recognize Spam & Phishing?

You’ve got mail – that’s good. But who was sending you? And is the person, you receive mail from is really the person he pretends to be? And if he was, has the content been changed during transmission? There’s so

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Security & Encryption for Mass Messaging

Since the Heartbleed and Snowden case there has been a lot of discussion regarding data encryption and security – specifically in regards to email. Many questions such as ‘what options are there to protect data?’, ‘how safe are these options’

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